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Youth Development & Education

4-H Youth Development

  • 4-H Youth Development
    4-H provides opportunities to learn life skills, gain knowledge while having fun, and make contributions in such areas as environmental education, community service, and current youth issues.

Youth Programs

  • Youth Activities at NMSU
    NMSU faculty and staff who work with youth on campus have come together to share ideas, resources and research findings. There are several activities on the NMSU campus for youth, from science and math programs to sports activities.
  • New Mexico Youth Ranch Management
    Emphasizes conservation stewardship and management practices to improve beef production, incorporates an applied skills learning environment for local and regional beef producers from northcentral New Mexico, area pueblos and communities, as well as the Navajo Nation.
  • YES Camp
    The Youth Entrepreneurship Summer (YES) Camp provides high school students with the opportunity to explore their entrepreneurial interests and talents.
  • Digital Desert Library
    An educational resource for teachers and students to learn more about the Chihuahuan Desert.


  • Ninja Kitchen
    Stop for lunch at a cafe staffed entirely by ninjas. Sophisticated gameplay reveals principles of food safety.
  • Eat-and-Move-O-Matic
    Look up foods you eat and find out how they fuel the body for movement and active play.
  • Eat It Tweet It
    Track your own food behavior to better understand what you eat ‒ and why. This app uses Twitter.

Game development

  • NMSU Learning Games Lab
    The NMSU Learning Games Lab is an exploratory environment where gamers play and evaluate games - all kinds of games, including those designed strictly as entertainment, educational titles, and games in development.


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Interactive media

  • Treadsylvania, ATV Safety
    Safely ride your ATV on mysterious paths to defeat monsters and free the town from their evil grasp!
  • Ninja Kitchen
    Stop for lunch at a cafe staffed entirely by ninjas. Sophisticated gameplay reveals principles of food safety.
  • Virtual Labs
    Interactive food science modules train high school and college students in basic laboratory techniques.
  • Science of Soil
    Fill gaps in undergraduates' knowledge of key concepts in the Soils and Environmental Sciences curriculum.
  • Crazy About Corn
    Created in 1997, "Crazy About Corn," originally included a lively, fun- filled educational CD-ROM, song book, activity book, video and audio tape. Though the CD-ROM game is no longer available, we've had so many requests for the supplemental educational materials that we've made them available free of charge on this website.

Water Education

  • Water Ripples Board Game
    Move through the water cycle with questions from Agriculture, Science, and General categories. Play against yourself, or compete with another person or team to test your knowledge of the world of water around us.
  • Water Ripples Gameshow Quiz
    Earn dollar points with each correct answer to water trivia questions. You choose the category to win the most dollars. But watch out! Incorrect answers will cost you!
  • Saving Water
    In this 4-H module, youth learn about water quality, water conservation and watershed issues.

Math Snacks

  • Math Snacks
    Mid-school youth explore key math concepts through these humorous storylines and creative graphics.
  • Ratio Rumble
    The battle is on to build your own potions! Create ratios to win this mixture mix-off. Play online or download app
  • Monster School Bus
    Practice sets and quantities by filling the schoolbus. There's something odd about the neighborhood....
  • Pearl Diver
    Dive for sunken treasure while learning about the number line and operations, including fractions and number systems. Play online or download app
  • Game Over Gopher
    Hungry gophers are after the prized carrot. Defend the carrot by placing units on a coordinate grid.
  • Gate
    Shadows are corrupting the land. Use your math skills to restore the balance of nature. and explore place value.