Farm & Ranch


  • Season Extension
    Extend growing seasons in New Mexico with high tunnel construction.
  • New Mexico Farm*A*Syst
    Farmstead Assessment System, is a voluntary groundwater protection program for New Mexico farms, ranches, and rural homeowners.
  • NMSU Seed Certification
    Website for the Official Seed Certifying Agency for the state of New Mexico in accordance with the New Mexico Seed Law.

Drought Resources

  • Drought Resources
    Publications to assist New Mexico's ranchers, farmers, and homeowners cope with our current extreme drought conditions.


  • NMSU Weed Information
    Provides useful information to the public that is specific to weedy plants of the southwestern US, specifically New Mexico.

Troublesome Weeds of New Mexico

Special Crops

  • NMSU Viticulture
    Information for growing your own grapes, information about New Mexico vineyards and wineries, and climate updates.
  • The Chile Pepper Institute
    The latest research based information for growers, processors and anyone wanting to learn about chile peppers.


  • NM Agriculture Leadership
    Devoted to the development of knowledgeable, multicultural leaders for New Mexico's food, agricultural, and natural resource industries.



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Related Extension publications

Livestock & Range

  • NM Beef
    5-state Beef conference
    Southwest Beef Symposium
    Tucumcari Bull Test
    NM Youth Ranch Management Camp
    AG Days Degree
  • Drought Resources
    Publications to assist New Mexico's ranchers, farmers, and homeowners cope with our current extreme drought conditions.
  • New Mexico Forages
    Website that outlines the many species of forages are grown in the vastly diverse climates of New Mexico and are harvested in many forms to be used to feed a wide array of livestock.
  • New Mexico Youth Ranch Management
    Emphasizes conservation stewardship and management practices to improve beef production, incorporates an applied skills learning environment for local and regional beef producers from northcentral New Mexico, area pueblos and communities, as well as the Navajo Nation.
  • NMSU Dairy Extension
    NMSU dairy extension provides information, technology and sound science to the dairy industry in New Mexico.
  • Range Science Herbarium (NMCR)
    The Range Science Herbarium houses about 25,000 specimens, about half of them grasses, emphasizing the flora of New Mexico.
  • Beef Quality Assurance
    Program provides the training steps necessary for producers to become "Trained" and "Certified" New Mexico BQA Producers.
  • Tucumcari Bull Test
    Compares gainability and feed conversion of bulls, and their sires; encourages herd improvement through the use of performance tested bulls.